Garages & Additions

Create more living, storage or work space

Why move? Grow where you are.

Adding onto your house or creating a totally separate living space should increase the value of your home and make it more functional. Adding your 1st garage or expanding an existing one creates more parking and storage space which almost everyone needs. There are many reasons for additions such as creating more living space or improving access to outdoor areas. The skilled craftsmen at Padilla Construction will help guide you through the process of making it all happen.

Garage Addition
Detached Garage
Detached Room
Detached Room

Attached and Detached Additions

Garages are one of the most requested additions. They give more space, not just for cars, but for storage of household item, tools, recreational vehicles, and much more. Attached or detached, adding garage space can be the best thing you can possibly do to increase your home's functionality.

Maybe you need a larger living room or more space in you're kitchen. Maybe your family size has increased and it's time to give that oldest child his/her own bedroom. How about adding a second bath? You could go through all the hassle of selling your house, finding a new one, financing it, moving ...or... you could consider an addition to you're existing home.

This is not a one size fits all process and the cost and time involved vary widely. However, increasing the square footage of your home returns high value in relation to its cost. You can add an entire new room or increase the size of an existing room.

A detached room can actually be easier to build then an addition. They are perfect for guest rooms, private spaces for elderly parents or adult children, office space to facilitate working at home, workout/yoga rooms, studios for artists or writers. Electrical, plumbing, and heating/cooling need to be considered. Do you need a bath or half bath included? Adding a deck or patio to a detached room creates additional outdoor living for everyone.

With any addition, many times it is possible to exactly match existing exterior finish but this is not always possible. Sometimes its better to choose different but complimentary finishes then to go for a "almost, but not quite matching" option. Zoning restrictions and setbacks also need to be considered and depend on your exact location.

We can help guide you through planning and all phases of your addition. We've done it successfully many, many times and we'll do it for you.