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Easy and cost Effective Fixes

painter-1137334_640There are lots of ways to improve the livability and esthetics of your home without going broke in the process. Try one of these quick fixes if you just can stand your house anymore. These are also great wen you have just purchased a new home that has a few problems. Here are a few suggestions…


  1. Give your interior or exterior walls a new coat of paint. This is especially effective if the old paint job is marked up, dirty or just a horrible color.
  2. Reface or repaint your kitchen or bath cabinets. If your cabinet shells are solid but the drawer and cabinet fronts are worn or chipped, consider refacing them. Replacing the cabinet fronts can give you a whole new updated look without the expense of replacing the whole cabinet. Repainting can also bring new life too old, worn looking cabinets.
  3. Install new carpeting or vinyl flooring. Old, worn, and stained carpeting is a real downer. It’s relatively fast, easy and cost effective to replace.
  4. Replacing dated and worn light fixtures is another quick and painless fix.
  5. Adding interesting architectural details like moldings, railings, and built-in bookcases can dramatically change the look and feel of a room.

If you’re not quite ready for a major renovation, think about having one of these alternatives done instead. They will increase your enjoyment of your home while saving your money.

Playing With Color On-line

Paint ColorsAre you thinking about refreshing your living space with a new coat of paint? The color combinations you use can help induce moods. Are you looking for something light and invigorating? Or maybe you’re wanting a subdued calming atmosphere.
Outdoor paint choices can make a welcoming ambiance, a standout statement, or let you literally melt into the background.
Make your desired outcome more certain with these sites that allow you to match and play with color.

Glidden – Room visualizer

Benjamin Moore Personal Color Viewer

Sherwin Williams Visualizer

McCormick Exterior Visualizer

Valspar Virtual Painter

Kitchen Remodel Trends

Soft-close on drawers and doors. This will cost a bit more ($250-600 for the entire kitchen) but is definitely worth it. In addition to making your kitchen quieter and easier to use it saves wear and tear on the cabinets. There are also no-touch cabinets now which open/close without touching making them great for trash areas.

Utilize corner space and make it accessible. Use pie corner base cabinets and lazy Susan so you can get to stuff easily.

Add a brightly colored sink. Popular sink colors are moving away from white and stainless to bright colors that become a focal point in the kitchen, especially if your cabinets and counter tops are neutral in shade.

Maximize storage. Many options are now available such as multi-tiered drawers and specific use cabinets that will help you store odd shaped and sized items such as pots and pans and small appliances in the least amount of space possible.

Add some automation. Today’s technology allows hands free faucets, thermometers that notify your phone when dinner is ready, sensor lights that come on only when the kitchen is in use. The list goes on.

Built in coffee center. A great convenience that provides a place to make coffee and store all the coffee related tools and supplies in one small area. This will free up valuable counter space for food prep.

Point of use refrigeration. People are adding smaller refrigeration units where they need them. For instance, what if you could store fresh vegetables right under your vegetable prep area and milk, eggs, butter right next to the food prep area of your counter top.