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Kitchen Cabinet Questions

What features indicate better quality?
Many things go into making good quality cabinets. The material used and it's thickness is important. Generally, thicker is better and solid wood and plywood are better quality choices then particle board. Stucturally speaking, full box drawer construction, dovetail and routed joinery and adequate bracing are some things to look for. Finish, both inside and out, is important because the cabinets will be exposed to cleaning chemicals, smoke and grease from cooking and water/humindity. Price generally goes up as quaulity goes up but you should make sure you get the best quality available within your budget.
Are there manufacturing standards for cabinet manufacturers?
Yes. Certification is provided by the KCMA (Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer's Association). Participation is not mandatory and quality cabinets can be found without a KCMA certification, however, A KCMA certification indicates a good quality standard has been achieved and is good to look for.
Are some cabinets more expensive to install then others?
Faceless, sometimes known as european style cabinets have no face board. Cabinet hardware is attached directly to the side walls of the cabinets. This requires thicker sidewalls then what might otherwise be necessary. Keeping the cabinets square and level without the added face board support requires extra time and effort and therefore many installers charge more for this type of cabinet.

Kitchen Flooring Questions

Will sunlight fade or damage flooring
If you have a very sunny kitchen with large window, skylights or glass doors, you should consider this when choosing your flooring. Certain flooring products are suseptable to fading or darkening due to UV light. There are resistant choices though, so never fear.
What flooring is best for dogs
Hardwood floors can get scratched and dented from dogs (not so much cats), especially active ones. This can be minimized by keeping your pets nails trimed. On the flooring side, you should choose wood that is hard and has a heavier grain. The harder the wood the less scratching and a prominant graining in the wood helps hide damage that does occur.
What's the difference between ceramic and porcelain tile
On the whole porcelaiin tile is harder, more stain resistant and less likely to crack. While both are made of clay and fired in a kiln, porcelain is made from a more refined product and fired at a higher temperature. No matter which you choose, consider the tiles friction coefficient, a measure of how slip resistant the tile is. You need a high degree of slip resistance in kitchens, baths and entryways.

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Padilla Construction has given me a new bathroom and kitchen with results better then what i could have expected. I was impressed with the process of comunication and the profesional job that Dave Padilla and his crew did in restoration of my kitchen and bathroom. I am going to have them do my roof and other projects also. You could feel confident with Padilla Construction.

- Marilyn Taylorin -

Our second level deck was built in the 1980's and was in need of replacement. We had seen Padilla Construction on a Yelp website and called them. We had called a few other companies as well, but we chose Padilla Construction to perform the work. On a satisfaction scale of 1-5, (with 5 being highest), we found Dave and his company to be 5+. He kept us informed every step of the way with no surprises. His quality of work and attention to detail was beyond our expectations. From the selection of wood to the exact spacing of fasteners on the deck boards, all the details contributed to a finished product that is structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing. In addition, Dave's knowledge of codes and specifications were invaluable to the process. Dave has an extremely hard working crew. Not only did they create this beautiful deck, but they left no trash or residual behind. We would and will highly recommend Padilla Construction! Thanks Dave

- Maura & Ken Shawhan -

Dave Padilla Construction is awesome! His team did an AMAZING job with the restoration of my condo with putting up new walls, a new ceiling, and new pergo flooring and carpet. Before I met Dave a friend of mine was going to do the sheet rock/new walls and a friend of hers do the flooring. After meeting with Dave, I was very impressed with his humor and his demeanor and that the fact that he is a “one-stop-shopping”, and he gave me a great price. He kept me informed during the restoration of what to expect and always made sure I was happy along the way. I would definitely use Dave again in the future. I have already recommended him to a friend that wants her deck done in the summer. You can’t go wrong with Dave so give him a call. - Satisfied Client.

- Carlton Siskel -

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